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επικοινωνίας 2310 891223, 2310 891 225 fax: 2310 891307 ISCED Fields of Education and Training 2013 Eurostat’s Fields of Education and Training 1999 023 Languages 222 Foreign languages 223 Mother tongue 0230 Languages not further defined 0231 Language acquisition 222 Foreign languages (except literature & linguistics) Subject Area Codes ISCED Codes Erasmus Partner Institutions Giving lectures at NCU (STA - Staff Teaching Assignments) If you would like to enrich our offer with your lectures, NCU would be glad to host you in Toruń. Within the Erasmus+ programme and signed bilateral agreements lecturers may visit Toruń for 2 days up to 2 months. ISCED-F 2013 Code Description 0110 Education, not further defined 0111 Education science 0112 Training for pre-school teachers 0113 Teacher training without subject specialization 0114 Teacher training with subject specialization 0119 Education, not elsewhere classified 0188 Education, inter-disciplinary programmes 0210 Arts, not further defined Översättningstabell från gamla Erasmus-koder till nya ISCED97-ämneskoder Koder i grönt till vänster avser nya koder och i vitt till höger är gamla koder. ISCED 97 ISCED97 Description ERA Code Erasmus Subject Area Description 62 Agriculture, forestry and fishery 01.0 Agricultural Sciences 620 Agriculture, forestry and fishery ISCED-F 2013 - ISCED Fields of Education and Training 2013 - is a classification of fields of education, which accompanies ISCED 2011.

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The University and the Demand for Knowledge - SH DiVA

[Erasmus code (Erasmus code area of the sending of the code institution) receiving institution) (ISCED]. Erasmus+ HE Learning Agreement for studies-2016_Version 1.4, Stand: 07/2016 tool available at should be Erasmus code: a unique identifier that every higher education institution t (Name of the institution and, Erasmus CODE, Masaryk University Erasmus Subject area – ISCED code, Level, Country, Student Mobility for Studies.

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Sweden-Kungliga Tekniska Hoegskolan. Study Level.

The latest revision, ISCED 2011, concentrated primarily on changes to the levels of education of programmes (ISCED-P) and introduced, for the first time, a classification of With ISCED 2011 education programmes/qualifications can be coded up to 3-digit-level. The majority of codes are the same for ISCED-P and ISCED-A but there are also some exceptions, in particular in the case of short programmes for which educational attainment is downgraded to the lower ISCED level. ISCED is a widely-used a global reference classification for education systems that is maintained and periodically revised by the UIS in consultation with Member States and other international and regional organizations. ISCED 2011 is the second major revision of this classification (initially developed in the 1970s and revised in 1997).
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Isced code erasmus

ERASMUS: D BONN01. ECHE‐Nummer: Nummer. Subject Code. Sending Institution, Name, Faculty/Department, Erasmus code of ISCED codes on the email which contained their Erasmus Grant for Studies Contract or email  ERASMUS-Code der Gasthochschule und ISCED-Fachcode. Land.

Level (select the main one), ☐ ISCED-5 Short cycle. 1, Full Code, Subject Area Description, EquivalentISCED97, ISCED97Description.
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16.0 Other Areas of Study 9021 Physical Education, Sport Science ERA-16.1 16.1 Physical Education, Sport Science 9022 Leisure Studies ERA-16.2 16.2 Leisure Studies 9023 Home Economics, Nutrition ERA-16.3 16.3 Home Economics, Nutrition 9024 Erasmus Subject Code --> ISCED Code (EN) Subj Code SC Text Isced Description 01.0 Agricultural Sciences 62 Agriculture, forestry and fishery ERA-01.0 01.1 Agriculture 620 Agriculture, forestry and fishery (broad programmes) ERA-01.1 01.2 Agricultural Economics 6201 Agricultural Economics ERA-01.2 01.3 Food Science and Technology 6202 Food Which ISCED code should I enter in the Learning Agreement form? My host university has a different Learning Agreement form. Can I use this form instead? Questions during your ERASMUS Exchange I have a question concerning my ERASMUS grant (Mobilitätsstipendium). Whom should I contact? I want to extend my ERASMUS stay abroad. ISCED mappings are the outputs of an collaborative process between the UIS and Member States to map national education systems according to the International Standard Classification of Education (ISCED).